AQ™ Brand Syringe Filters, SOLVFIL, Glass Filter Degassers, Membrane Filters, Mobile Phase Filtering & Syringes for Chromatography.

Filtration is one of the most important functions in good laboratory practices. However, improper filtering of samples can adulterate them and create poor results. To avoid bad data, it is imperative to use only high-quality filtration devices. Every MicroSolv™ device is produced for data integrity and ease of use.

  • Syringe Filters - Pharma grade filters for HPLC and Dissolution Testing. Advanced Quality, AQ™ Syringe Filters are industry leading for purity, reliability and ease of flow.

  • Filter Degassers - These borosilicate glass devices use vacuum and Membrane Filters to remove undissolved particles and dissolved gases such as oxygen from your mobile phase.

  • Membrane Filters - These round membranes are made for filtering HPLC solvents and can also be used to filter anything with a Filter Degasser.

  • Mobile Phase Filtering - Inlet filters that are used to filter out any undissolved particles before they enter your instrument and sparging stones that are used to sparge-dry your solvents with Nitrogen.

  • Syringes for Chromatography - The MicroSolv™ polypropylene syringes do not have any rubber or silicone grease that can end up in your HPLC column. Available as either Luer Lock or Luer Slip.


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